The SlapStick™ is type of innovative electric tuned percussion instrument designed by Andy Graham.

These instruments include the N-100 'Noodle', the M-100 Mezzo, & S-100 PRO. All use the Hammer-On Technique to create unique, melodic rhythms and bass-lines.

The unique design originally was inspired by the unique sounds created by high-tension steel strapping used in industry for securing shipping crates. It was discovered that this strapping on a large crate had some amazing musical qualities when struck by a stick or hand.

Inventor and percussionist, Andy Graham, set out to create a new kind of musical instrument using this steel strap, but with the addition of an electric pickup and means to fine-tune the strap. The result was a prototype that eventually became the SlapStick™ S-100 PRO (pictured, right).

The SlapStick's strap floats just above the length of the body, allowing it to vibrate and be 'fretted' like a bass. However, rather than strumming, the strap is struck or tapped with one or two hands, or with a stick.

It was discovered later that using electronic effects with the instrument created a whole new world of sounds:

The SlapStick™ N-100 'Noodle':

The latest and most popular addition to the Slaperoo Percussion family N-100 'Noodle'. Held like a guitar, the Noodle can make anyone with rhythm sound like a slap-bass player. It can also be flexed to sound like an electric talking drum. Despite it's small size, the Noodle sounds just as huge as its larger counterpart!

US Patents 8,288,642 and D711,459. SlapStick ® is a trademark of Andy Graham Productions - andygraham.net